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Bulletin of Aesthetics is published by the Program of Studies on Philosophy of Art of the Center for Philosophical Research (Buenos Aires). Its purpose is to contribute to the development and circulation of works of academic interest written in Spanish about philosophical aesthetics, theory of art and history of aesthetic ideas. It appears four times a year, quarterly (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

The Program of Studies on Philosophy of Art takes place since the year 2000 in the Center for Philosophical Research, an Associated Unity of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Investigation (CONICET). It groups researchers from different Argentinean universities, cooperates with national and foreign scientific institutions and issues the Pasajes Book Collection of Biblos Publisher.

This website contains Bulletin of Aesthetics ’s electronic edition with a free PDF download, as well as information on projects related to the Program of Studies on Philosophy of Art and on seminars and conferences, plus an online library of books and articles on the subject, and links to other journals and institutions specialized in aesthetic research and theory and history of art.

Bulletin of Aesthetics integrates the Basic Core of Argentine Scientific Journals  (Caicyt). Also indexed and evaluated in: ERIH PLUS (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences), MIAR (Matriz de Información para el análisis de revistas), The Philosopher’s Index, Latindex Catalog (Caicyt/Latindex, Level 1: Superior excellence) and Binpar (Bibliografía Nacional de Publicaciones Períodicas Argentinas Registradas). CONICET: Group 1.

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